Wir produzieren weiterhin Antikaugen ab 10mm in den Farben braun, dunkelblau, grün und grau
We continue to produce antique eyes from 10mm in the colors brown, dark blue, green and gray

Reborn-iris-muscle-eyes superior ( RI )

Crystal glass eyes from Germany Reborn-iris-muscle-eyes with large iris and large pupil.

Eyes diameter 12 mm to size 24 mm.

Iris diameter is 55% - 65% of the eye diameter.

For example: eye-diameter 20mm->iris-diameter 11mm-13mm.
k blau

other iris diameters of this eye kind:

50% - 55% Iris muscle eyes

Eye diameter
Iris diameter
pupil diameter

Eyes are manufactured with large Iris and mouth blown. The Iris is subscribed with lines. Crystal glass dome is above the Iris. The iris muscle opens and closes the pupil, in response to dark or light. The addition produces a much more natural appearance and eyes receive on this way a wonderful look.
Available colors: deer brown, gold, turquoise, beige, ice blue, light blue, dark blue, topaz, gray, gray green, dark green.
Suitable for all types of dolls, especially for Artist Dolls. Not recommended for old dolls for repair.

We produce the eyes for you within 2 weeks.
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We ship our glass eyes in plastic bags on the cheapest way. You receive a separate invoice for payment. Please do not pay previously.
We manufacture eyes in the following versions round, tweaked or with holes for sleep eyes.