Crystal Glass eyes Standart ( Z )

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Our crystal glass eyes have great depth and brilliance. It gives the doll a very special look. 
Standard eyes are crystal glass eyes from Germany - Lauscha for dolls and teddy bears, which correspond to the usual quality on the market. They have very small defects that customers hardly notice and are almost invisible in the doll. Usually the pupil is not exactly in the center of the iris. They are mouth blown and handmade.

Glass eyes for your dolls in standart quality

The eyes make your doll a unique art object. Already many doll makers received awards with our eyes at fairs and exhibitions.
Depth and radiance is fully preserved even in this quality. Resistance to environmental influences and color fastness is fully guaranteed over centuries, unlike most plastic eyes.
Can be used for both antique and modern dolls, porcelain repro dolls, artist dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD-dolls)- BJD dolls, reborn dolls, Berenguer-, Apple Valley-, Reallife dolls.
If the style you want is not available, please order at: Superior Eyes
We deliver all eyes with melted skewer, to avoid injury. Please be carefully with the eyes, because the skewer can break off. Please protect your fingers, if the skewer is damaged is or you can seal the break line with adhesive.