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If you are a new customer, please read this at first, before you go to the shop.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we appreciate your interest in our products. Below you will find our complete range of glass eyes and additional offers. We have chosen the images of the eyes extra large inside the shop, to make the quality significantly. Small differences are unfortunately inevitable. All eyes are hand made in old tradition, with the known

Process for the production of crystal glass eyes in Lauscha.

We offer you glass eyes for dolls of the highest quality worldwide. They are mouth-blown and handcrafted, mostly in our own workshops.
Environmental resistance and color fastness is, in contrast to most plastic eyes, at these eyes fully guaranteed for centuries.
You can select the iris and pupil size for the purchasing of eyes in superior quality. We will try to meet your needs in the context of existing camp consisted. If you need special eyes, which we not offer for sale in the shop, so just ask. It's almost to realize everything.
You receive eyes in the embodiments round, pinched, solid or sleep eyes. Teddy eyes can be ordered on wire or loop.
We do not request a minimum amount, when buying our eyes.

We need from customers in the EU area the VAT number (of course only if available), to avoid unnecessary sales tax calculation.
The delivery is always insured and on the best way, unless otherwise agreed. We calculate shipping cost plus insurance costs. Payment can be made ​​through bank or Paypal. If you have a problem with products, we guarantee you the right of returning in accordance with the terms and conditions.
Our glass eyes are correct made for antique and modern dolls, porcelain repro dolls, artist dolls, ball jointed dolls (BJD-dolls), Reborn dolls, Berenguer dolls, Apple Valley dolls, Reallife dolls.



The iris size of all eyes for dolls is usually 50 - 55% of the eye diameter.
For paperweight and reborn eyes it is slightly larger 55 - 60%.

eye dates

All eyes will be delivered with smooth skewer by melting, to avoid injury. Please be carefully with the eyes, because the skewer can break. For example, if the eyes fall down. Please protect your fingers, if the skewer will be damaged or you can seal the break line with adhesive. verschmolzener-Rand Augendaten Eye diameter
Iris diameter
pupil diameter

  range of product   specification number of colour
A antik eyes A special offer 01- white
10- violet
11- black
12- obsidian
13- coral black
15- black blue
20- transparent
21- pale pink
22- red
23- pink
24- fire
25- orange
30- turquoise
40- brown 
41- light brown
42- brown white 
43- dark brown 
45- deer brown
46- amber
47- gold
49- beige
50- blue 
51- light blue
53- dark blue
54- medium blue
55- ice blue
58- blue green
59- blaugrau
60- topaz 
61- topaz light 
63- topaz dark
70- hazel 
80- green
81- light green
83- dark green
85- green blue
90- grey 
91- light grey
92- silver
95- grey blue 
98- grey green
B paperweight / bru eyes B teddy eyes
C art eyes C white pupil
D dark rim eyes D eyes on wire
G googly eyes E special making
I iris rim eyes G glas balls
K kanis-Designer eyes M massiv / milk glas teeth
P doll eyes O solid oval / on noose
R reborn eyes W eye lashes
S other things Z standart quality
T animal eyes    
Z accessories    

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We thank you for your interest and expect your orders.