Reborn-designer-eyes Superior ( RK )

Crystal glass eyes for dolls from Lauscha - Reborn Designer eyes with large iris and large pupil.

eyes diameter 12 mm to size 24 mm.

Iris diameter is 55% - 65% of the eye diameter.
For example: eye-diameter 20mm->iris-diameter 11mm-13mm.

k blau

other iris diameters of this eye kind:

Eye diameter
Iris diameter
pupil diameter
Reborn designer eyes are hand made and mouth blown crystal glass eyes for dolls from Germany with large iris. Similar to glass eyes for humans the drawing is made with different coloured glass rod. The rods are blended before the actual process of eye making. The colour of iris gets as a result nearly the look of a human eye. Crucial for the appearance of this eyes is an iris-rim-muscle. The iris seems very natural. They are made correctly for modern dolls with large iris, artist dolls, for Reborn babies, Berenguer-,Apple-Valley- and Real life dolls, Ball jointed dolls and other Vinyl dolls.
Colors: black blue, blue, dark blue, blue grey, hazel.
You can choose at Superior quality iris and pupil size. We will try to fulfill your wishes with eyes from inventory. If this is not possible, we produce the eyes for you within 2 weeks.
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We ship our glass eyes in plastic bags on the cheapest way. You receive a separate invoice for payment. Please do not pay previously.
We manufacture eyes in the following versions round, tweaked or with holes for sleep eyes.