Paperweight-bru-eyes standard tweaked ( BSZ )

Eyes diameter 06 mm to size 34 mm.

Iris diameter 55% - 65% of the eye diameter.

For example: eye-diameter 20mm->iris-diameter 11mm - 13mm.
Eye diameter
Iris diameter
pupil diameter

The data of the diameter refer to the round glass eye, before it is tweaked. For narrow eye cutout is the tweaked eye mould better adjusted.
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The charisma of a doll is achieved to 80% through the eyes!!

This is the opinion of the well-known dolls makers.
The selection of the eyes is crucial for aura and the value of your doll.
Colors: brown, turquoise, light blue, dark blue, green and grey.
Here you can choose for the eyes iris and pupil size. We will try to fulfill your wishes with eyes from inventory.
We ship our glass eyes in plastic bags on the cheapest way. You receive a separate invoice for payment. Please do not pay previously.
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