Wir produzieren weiterhin Antikaugen ab 10mm in den Farben braun, dunkelblau, grün und grau
We continue to produce antique eyes from 10mm in the colors brown, dark blue, green and gray

Eyes for hobbyists (B)

Our crystal glass eyes for dolls - eyes to do handicrafts

diameter 06 mm - 34 mm

We do not request a minimum amount, when buying our eyes.

Here you will find glass eyes from Lauscha which are sold from remaining stock with quality defects at a very reasonable price.
The eyes are suitable for hobbyists and especially for modelling doll heads.
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Superior- eyesIf you order Superior-quality, you get world wide the best eyes. You are able to select the iris and pupil size for the purchase of the eyes in superior quality. We will try to fulfill your wishes with eyes from inventory. If this is not possible, we produce the eyes for you within 2 weeks.