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Our range of crystal glass eyes for dolls from Lauscha

eyes diameter 06 mm to size 28 mm.

Iris diameter 50%-55% of the eye diameter.

For example: eye-diameter 20mm->iris-diameter 10mm-11mm.
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The charisma of a doll is achieved to 80% through the eyes!
This is the opinion of all renowned Dolls Makers.
The selection of the eyes for your doll is crucial for your value and sale proceeds

Eye diameter
Iris diameter
pupil diameter
It concerns hand-made and mouth blown crystal glass eyes from Germany for dolls. These glass eyes are the traditional kind of glass eyes. They have a spoke-shaped iris drawing. It is a crystal glass dome above the Iris and gives them their beautiful appearance.
Available colors: turquoise, brown, light brown, brown white, dark brown, red-brown, beige, blue, light blue, dark blue, medium blue, topaz, green, light green, dark green, gray, light gray, gray green.
Suitable for all types of dolls.
We ship our glass eyes to you, in plastic bags on the cheapest way. You receive a separate invoice for payment. Please do not pay previously.
Our offers will be renewed monthly. Would you get informaton about offers, please subscribe our newsletter. We manufacture eyes in the following versions round, tweaked or with holes for sleep eyes.
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Superior round, tweaked or sleep eyesIf you order Superior-quality, you get world wide the best eyes. You are able to select the iris and pupil size for the purchase of the eyes in superior quality. We will try to fulfill your wishes with eyes from inventory. If this is not possible, we produce the eyes for you within 2 weeks.