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Crystal glass eyes Made in Germany, Lauscha, for dolls and teddy bears in all qualities. They are mouth-blown and handcrafted, mostly in our own workshops. Environmental resistance and color fastness is, in contrast to most plastic eyes, at these eyes fully guaranteed over centuries.
You receive eyes in the designs around, shaped, massive or with holes for sleep eyes. Teddy eyes can be ordered on the wire or with eyelet. If you need special eyes, which we not offer for sale in the shop, so just ask. It is almost to realize everything. The number of offered items is limited. Maybe you get the eyes, not over the entire period.
We produce our glass eyes for antique and modern dolls, Porcelain Repro Dolls, Artist Dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD-dolls), Reborn dolls, Berenguer dolls, Apple Valley dolls, Reallife dolls.
Here you find eyes in standard quality and superior quality. Eyes in standard quality have very small errors, hardly to discover by the customers. Errors are almost invisible in the doll. Most of all, the pupil is not exactly in the middle of the iris. We manufacture eyes in the following versions round, shaped or with holes for sleep eyes.
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You can not find matching eyes in the offers? Please order here: Superior Eyes rond, tweaked or sleep eyes.
If you order superior quality, you get then  the best quality world wide. You can choose iris and pupil size for the eyes.
We will try to fulfill your wishes with eyes from inventory. If this is not possible, we produce the eyes for you within 2 weeks.
We ship our glass eyes in plastic bags on the cheapest way. You receive a separate invoice for payment. Please do not pay previously.
We deliver all eyes with melted skewer, to avoid injury. Please be carefully with the eyes, because the skewer can break off. Please protect your fingers, if the skewer is damaged is or you can seal the break line with adhesive. verschmolzener-Rand